Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Askar Wataniah - 13/05/09

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A SPECIAL day!!!! 2day the Timbalan Komander of our REJ 515 - Leftenan Kolonel Alias Bin Abu Bakar came to announce the starting of our siri 3 officially.. Yeah!!! the training on coming weeks will surely be TOUGH!!! ROAR!!

We attended the first lesson of kawad kaki today under Sarjan Zamri. To me, some1 tat is totally new to marching, i think it's quite special, ' Kiri Kanan Kiri!!! ' Syok..!!!

Marching in the rain.... ' pusing ke belakang, ke kanan.. pusing! ', keep on pusing non stop for up to around 14 times...

sth special happened 2day, it's abt some1, but i'm not gonna say it here, gonna keep it in my heart as a secret XD..

*random pic*
me n winnie, she was actually crying b4 we snap this, so sad.. ~~


winnie said...

da pic is very cute leh!
i love it~

n wat is da secret?