Thursday, June 11, 2009

1st [P]hysical [T]raining @ KTAR

Thursday, June 11, 2009
4pm 10th of June at Ktar football field..
Ktar Askar Wataniah Society held the 1st PT as a demo to the new recruit..

We, Utarian.. of coz gonna gv them a hand as well..
so me, benny, shawn, zhi chao went to support them...

felt so excited when i saw them again...
PT 10, push up, sit up, run... macam biasa ~~

wearing the celoreng... reminds me of last day in Lat Medan
saying terhegeh-terhegeh, celabai again... reminds me of days in camp
crawling, side roll at the Ktar field... reminds me of the Lat Kering
kawad... reminds me days tat we march in the camp

at nite, Winnie said she noticed tht the moon is round n full..
Hah! it'll b juz like us on the coming Friday...
fulL Reunion of REJ 515 AW Siri 3@ Tenji...

looking forward to it...