Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Worst Run Ever

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
i weren't suppose to take up this run at first, never wanted to as it is a lil expensive to me (currently broke). Until Benny told me that some1's gonna FFK and is selling away his place at cheaper price. Then i decided to go for the run.

i sprained my left ankle 2 days before the run during paintball game, which i think is not gonna b a big deal; i overslept on that day itself, suppose 2 reach Benny's house @ 5.30am, but i only wake up @ 5.30am; reached the starting zone 14mins after the gun time; run with empty stomach, too rush for me to grab a bite...

Gun time - from the moment the run started
Net time - from the moment one passes the starting point

not satisfied with the time, i can do better and i need to! Siemens run is only giving away 350 medals, which means a medal can only be guaranteed if the run is completed within an hour. I can never get a medal if this was my time in siemens run. 2 weeks to go for me 2 prepare..

Putting those bad things aside, the event is actually well organized: water stations, clear signage, toi toi (portable toilets), cheer leaders and more. Congratz the organizers on such great job, able to handle 22k runners so well (Energizers organizing committees need to work harder d). Parking is still an issue here, i actually walk for few km to my starting zone but guess KL is just to small to fit in so many cars at a time..

my shoes still alive!! it's 2.5-year-old,
please stay with me for Siemens run n Olympic Day Run....