Monday, June 8, 2009

Askar Wataniah - 12/05/09

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hooray!!! the 3rd day, first n last day being the IC Keseluruhan. Woke up at 6 in the morning, slept for 3 hours only, so tired...

There will be a ceremony 2molo as the starting of our Siri 3, so basically 2day our job is 2 clean the dewan tat we r goin 2 use 2molo.

SO!! me as the IC keseluruhan, ll hv 2 gv all of them some work 2 do, n make them act bz so tat the jurulatih think tat we r hardworking .. XD. Wif limited tools n equipment, some of them started to complain this n tat, ZzZz wat to do, i m new 2 ther too, like i noe where go get all the stuff for u all.... Blar blar.. juz act bz only lor!!!

1 hour.. 2 hours.. 3 hours..

Rehearsal for 2molo done. Gau tim.. *
tat bunch of malay ass tat wanna ban tai lou sux man.. ..!..*

at nite, after i read out the name of the IC keseluruhan for the nex day, feel like i release the burden d. Hoho i juz passed the 2 mountains on my shoulder - platoon 1, platoon 2 to the nex unlucky guy.. ngek ngek ngek

*random pic*

Me n the demo... staff elean N staff tan (the last day, b4 heading bac 2 UTAR)

thx to both of them alot.. we got to live a better life inside XD


specialhuman said...

wow u still have time to write diary inside? COOL!

it' said...

To specialhuman:
haha, must lar.. once in a life time exp ler..
must jot down every single moment n come here lan ci u d XD

Reader said...

chat box pls

Anonymous said...

Quelqu'un sait d'ou ont des liens avec australiens cas de violation de copyright impliquant des photos ou des articles? Merci.?