Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kuantan Rock & RoLL!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009
fiRst station - 林明山



we reached ther at 5am, and waited 2 hours for this thing to rise..
was dam hungry at tat time..
wished i could put tat 咸蛋黄 into my mouth. DUH!

the lovely couple - Ai Sin & Shi wei

and the three spotlights! - Kenny, Soon Pang & Benny (L to R)

Soh Lous n Soh Po 'playin' wif the sun

i kiss... and i BITE!!

love is in the air~~


caught pee-ing.. NOO!!!!

we r so YENG!!!

yes.. we ARE!!

luv the view

especially this...

Sg Lembing, i'll be back...
wif some1 special nex time!


yekhong said...

wow, really nice view ler.
So next time... u will ask me to go with u? haha