Monday, July 20, 2009

family day

Monday, July 20, 2009
Sunday - family day!
as usual, my bro is not wif us again... sigh


(i luv these pics, coz i can c 2 words in it - 幸福.. =D)

my sis taking pic all the way...

poser~ XD

din go bac wif empty hand, bought this..
n 3 Ts XD

i think i din do my part as a son n bro well enuff..
seriously nid to spend more time wif my family in the future..
n listen, understand how they feel....

*shouting for my food!! HUNGRY AR*


specialhuman said...

you are way better than me.

i went home not more than 20 days last year, and not more than 10 days this year.

Last semester break I only went back for 5 days. Somemore go out play everyday

You are such a family-oriented guy :)

it' said...

wah so bad lar u..
den build ur own family here lar..
den u can accompany them everyday lor XD