Friday, May 8, 2009

a farewell to everyone... GOODBYE

Friday, May 8, 2009
hAh, today is 8th of May..
that means i am going to enter the Askar Wataniah Camp tomorrow..

man! time seriously flies, i still remember how we discussed about it last time, how we planned on getting the Marching n Shooting award, bring pride to Setapak Utar!!

i'm gonna miss my family, my friends and these...
standing at the balcony in Pv10, looking into the sky, let the wind kiss on my face



W said...

I will bring u go sai chen(clean dirt) =)

鱼鱼 said...

nice snap~
may i noe what is ''Askar Wataniah Camp''?
= =|||

Fishyho said...

hey dun go thr beat aeroplane,
concentrate march n shoot
add oil la ,
ur skin more dark will similiar with lam fung,
juz skin la ^^

specialhuman said...

Hey dude, I will attend your ceremony and see you with the medals! :)

it' said...

To 鱼鱼:
hey sry for late reply.. askar wataniah camp is actually a camp for you to train as a army. Girls can join as well.

To specialhuman:
serious ar? my dad n mum will come as well hoho.. u can c me standing on the stage a receive the 'Best shooter' award..XD

Anonymous said...

ei not bad wo.. ready for backpacking d.