Thursday, May 7, 2009

the 1st post...

Thursday, May 7, 2009
hehe.. i just posted the 101th in another blog to close down..
then i started this blog and posting the 1st post now.

i am going to enter the camp on 9th and i ll be out only on Jun... so i am not gonna be active for a month
but then i m still gonna update on what's happening in the past few weeks...

robocon competition is 2day.. i duno how is our robot going on but i hope that we can at least win the ' most creative award ' bah..
here is our contribution on the decoration of robot

we came up wif this idea - camouflage

den it's my turn to design and make my MACHINE GUN!!!

yea!! thts my machine guns.. from afternoon till midnite 2am juz for tat 4 thingy...

the 'before' n 'after' of my machine gun

den exam week, we r so dam stress so we did sth stupid..
trying to pose like Edison Chen in 'Sniper'

that's all for the first post.. c u guys a month later..



Anonymous said...

Not bad... new look, more refresh...come out cmp help mai me design...

Daniel Ngan said...

edison chen setapak!