Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why Vampires Suck?

Saturday, July 31, 2010
yes, vampires, Twilight!
i never watch it before and i won't watch in the future too

If you ask for a reason, i just don't like that guy, don't like the storyline, don't like the movie, and there's nothing that i like, serious~

i remember one of my friend once told that his experience watching that movie.
"Everyone is watching the movie and it's so quiet in the hall, then suddenly some guy pop out in the screen and the girls start to scream and shout 'OMG!!! so handsome' ' arhhh, edward!!' "
zZzZZ, i think edison chan is alot better than him =P

if i were to choose between twilight and Vampires Suck...
i believe that it's very obvious tat my vote goes to Vampires Suck, and so here is my entry for Vampires Suck premiere screening contest XD


Jolene. said...

why dont just give it a try and watch it? dislike the character doesn't mean you have to like get so allergic to this movie. ha i mean like there must be a character you hate the most in every movies dramas or even books right. no offence. I guess you are craving alot to watch vampire sucks huh. so do I :) good luck winning the contest and watch it before everyone else do!

Mimie Freakontangious said...

God, that is like so f'ing true, Edison Chan is so and I mean way much hotter and handsome than that stupid Edward.