Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mobile num Portability

Thursday, April 8, 2010
yeah, every1 heard of this but hu's did this?
i just switch mine from Digi to Maxis weeks ago, hoping for better services,
since Digi has sucky line at UTAR, even with the D campus just right beside our campus...

paid the overdue bill, waited for a working day, finally my maxis sim is activated
slotted in, so happy that i finally can talk on phone w/o worrying about the bill

ever since the day i changed, my hp got dam lots of problems
- hp keep on restart (it never happens before)
- showing 'no network coverage, no access to network' most of the time
- 10 mins or longer to make a call at times
- more n more to come??

to find out what's the problem, i surfed the net and did some research....

the disadvantages of MnP
  • additional call setup time
  • unnecessary trunking
  • circular routing (donor network -> first-ported network -> donor network again)
  • inefficient routing (donor network -> first ported network -> second ported network)
think before you switch~~