Tuesday, January 5, 2010

5/1/10 - First Time

Tuesday, January 5, 2010
day 5 of 2010,
video shooting @ FRiM in the morning - done
left the editing part, good luck to Vincent X2 + shawn, please work it out ar
all our efforts are inside the handy cam!!

6pm+, raining
was driving my WTF sending shi wei, benny and Winnie..
as usual, jam like shit...

2km countdown 2 my home, *BANG*
it's a BMW.... n my WTF myvi
i was like OMFG!!!
i get down from my car
the 1st thing i do, say sorry n take a look at her car
i m too tired 2 judge who's fault it's, n she has no idea as well
her BMW, scratch bit bit, kemek bit bit
my WTF myvi, langsung no kemek + scratch bit bit

sorry kak, she says tak pa since kemek abit bit
phew! sry n bye bye kak


kae vin said...

so fast ady bang! wahhhh

shi wei said...

oh so it's real. been hearing this news but they said it could be rumours.