Friday, April 16, 2010

Ass Kicking Premiere Screening

Friday, April 16, 2010
it's 'Kick Ass' with an ass kicked superhero wannabe....

i came across this contest in facebook, which allows you to win 2 passes to Premiere Screening,
in 0.001 seconds time, i decided to take part and then i got myself 2 passes.

here's the trailer, it looks like those 'dragonfly man' or 'Mr Bean version of spiderman' to me at first

for the first half part, it's boring and it's not funny..
anywhere, it's getting better and better after that, at least there's something out of my expectation.
*the lil girl or Hit Girl is pretty cool in the movie, she's cute too XD

overall it's an average movie, you can go for it if you have plenty of time to kill, but i'm think it's better to go for Ip Man2 and Iron Man2